Do we like where we’re going?


ome have come to describe, in the Middle East, a mindset of absolute intolerance they call Islamo-fascists, but never did I think I’d see come to pass the capture of the moral imagination of so many in our country by what can only be described as Republic-cono Fascist, particularly and ironically by those very same folk who like to throw the term Islamo-fascist around. 

I suppose it’s what happens after 20 years, 5 days a week 3 hours a day of cultural coarsening by the likes of Rush Limbaugh. I truly believe anger as entertainment has culturally demented us. And, of course, let’s not forget about the cultural-coarsening resulting from the “rage” of today’s Banana Republican Congress who, on a regular basis, brings us to the brink of federal default when they don’t get their own way.

Prospects of that kind of loss of credibility, are treated, anymore, as water off a duck’s back. Just look at today’s lead Banana Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, with four bankruptcies, how, on the campaign stump, he proudly wears it as a badge of honor.

 It’s all a part of the “Art of the Deal” as he calls it. 

Today’s Banana Republican electorate, it seems, can’t wait for a Trump or Cruz to bankrupt the nation in order to start us out on a clean slate. And where do you think that would leave our currency as a currency of last resort — down the toilet? Where do you think that would leave us as a nation in command of our own destiny — maybe, if we are lucky, like Greece?

Back in the day, Washington and Hamilton knew financial credibility was, absolutely, everything to the nation’s future. 

What a warped time-space Banana Republicans and their supporters occupy today.    

Why, just look at how today Banana Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate, with a perpetual smirk on his face, stands violating the Constitution by preventing hearings to be held on replacing Justice Scalia’s vacated court seat. Relishing, I suppose, doing to the court what Banana Republicans have done to Congress: putting the court in a state of gridlock for, at least, over a year or more to come.

The lock on power the Banana Republicans are trying to foist on us is like they’re trying to change the contents in the bottle of who we are, while acting as if it’s all par-for-the-course to legions of doped  up, angry folks out there who are more than willing to be misled to newer and newer levels of anger and frustration. To me it’s like a stealth coup d’état. At the least, it shows nothing but contempt for the Constitution and the workings of government envisioned by our founders. 

Anyway, never would I have dared to sound so raw in this newspaper until after I heard, at the Banana Republican debate in Detroit, Trump and Rubio have an exchange over the size of Trump’s fingers that wound up into veiled language over penis size, with Trump assuring us his “was plenty big enough.”

No wonder Carly Fiorina got nowhere in a party with those values. 

As a natural-born anthropologist, I thought I had heard and seen it all, but, honestly, my jaw dropped when I heard that one, and realized what kind of antediluvian throwbacks we are really dealing with here. In my field studies never have I seen male hubris so boldly and crassly put before a national audience in search of presidential timber.

Anyway, someone asked me, recently, as an NBA (natural-born anthropologist) if I thought we were capable, in this country, of public beheadings? I told them: You bet. If Donald Trump advocated it; there are no places, from my observations, that his followers wouldn’t be willing to follow.

Judging by the way Trump was so adamant at that Detroit debate that the armed forces would have to follow his orders on torture and other crimes against humanity to the letter if he so commanded, it’s not too great a stretch to envision him becoming a Robespierre of the French Terror or the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland or Jihad John, with there being far too many in this fountry, with Trump’s egging, to be applauding and chiding: off with their heads.

Just mind numbing it is that after Detroit’s ghastly performance, Trump won Michigan and has gone on to almost wrap up the nomination with Tuesday’s primary in Florida and Ohio being determinative. 

Anymore what we are becoming, culturally, makes me shudder to my core. The gap between Islamo-Fascists and Republic-cono Fascists is closing. It’s what’s known, culturally, by us natural-born anthropologist, as coming full circle. 

Anyway, call it unscientific, but one thing I do know, by virtue of what my inner metaphysician is telling me, vote a Republic-cono Fascist into power come November and the Ghost of Osama bin Laden won’t stop hideously laughing.   

Tim O’Leary  is a longtime Homer resident and political observer.