Does borough support seniors?

Thank you, Mr. Mayor and assembly members. Kenai Peninsula Mayor Mike Navarre and many assembly members (all but one) did contact me regarding this week’s senior citizen exemption vote. 

We had the opportunity to exchange views about senior exemptions and the overall support of seniors from the borough. Our assembly members have differing views; from a firm belief that all seniors have too many benefits from the state and borough to full support of seniors and senior organizations in the Kenai Peninsula Borough. 

Rather than mention names, I will let voting records and comments speak for themselves. Following this week’s assembly vote on raising taxes for some  seniors a list of names and their votes will be on The report will be simple, Yes or No in support of seniors. There is no middle ground, no maybe, no depends on a report and no we will take it up another time. 

In all fairness, Mayor Navarre does not have a vote. However, he did endorse the ordinance raising taxes on seniors. If he withdraws his support of the ordinance before the vote, it will be considered that he supports seniors.  

Unfortunately, assemblyman Haggerty did not wish to discuss the subject, but his vote on Jan. 7 will clearly state his position. 

Keep in mind that raising taxes on 20 percent of senior property owners is not a small thing, but could be a sign of more cuts to come. 

You can go to for more commentary or to share your own thoughts. 

I thank the mayor and assembly members for their time and wish all a very happy and prosperous new year. 

Peter Zuyus