Doing right thing inspires others

Keeping one’s faith in humanity alive can at times be very difficult, especially  in the face of current international events such as what  is perpetrated by ISIS. But then some small something comes along to remind one to remember a fundamental goodness threads its way through the tapestry of human existence. 

My visiting cousins from Florida  recently hired Mako to take them across the Bay. Now back in Florida, they received a phone call from Mako to tell them an accounting error had been made and they were being refunded $100. That $100 could have easily been hidden away by Mako, ignored, just part of doing business. 

But it was corrected by Mako, and as such, not only do my cousins  receive what is their honest due and Mako gets to sleep better at night, but also all of us can continue to believe that  “yes, see, we can do what is right after all, just because.”

Jo Going