Don’t forget to Share the Spirit

This wonderful summer is drawing to a close. Our visitors are packing up and heading home and community members are looking to the fall and some well-deserved downtime. Share the Spirit hopes each of you had a successful and profitable summer. That, added to the prospect of a larger than usual Permanent Fund Dividend check, brings us to the point of this letter.

Share the Spirit asks that you look to the holiday season and the needs of your community. We will provde approximately 200 food and gift baskets to those in need. Early donations are appreciated (P.O. Box 3218).

If you can’t donate now, please budget to donate later in the fall. You’ll hear from us again as we get close to the holidays. Again, we hope your summer went well.

Always remember to Share the Spirit,

Jayne Locklar, president

Jon Adams, vice president

Share the Spirit

Kelly Glidden and Shari Daugherty

Share the Spirit basket co-chairs