Don’t trash beauty out East End Road

The view out East End Road is one of the most spectacular Homer has to offer. It has changed over the decades as the dense forests succumbed to spruce bark beetles and more roads and homes have been built, but it is still a beautiful drive.  

Unfortunately, at the McNeil Canyon Transfer Site, the view can change drastically. 

On a good day, after the hard-working and long-suffering Kenai Peninsula Borough Solid Waste Department contractor has cleaned and raked, you will find a tidy transfer station with recycling and bear-proof garbage bins securely closed.

On a not-so-good day, you might find appliances and furniture illegally dumped, bags of stinky, slimy garbage dropped outside the bins and spread around by birds, and/or piles of fish bones, chicken heads or cow carcasses strewn about.  

Despite posted signs requesting otherwise, these  items are increasingly being disposed of irresponsibly, some of them hazardous. When this happens, someone has to deal with the hassle and expense of cleaning up the mess.

The Transfer Facility at Baycrest Hill offers appliance and furniture disposal, as well as more recycling options.

The McNeil Transfer Station was established 20 years ago on borough land for the growing population east of Homer, but there have been so many complaints about this site that it is at risk of being closed which would be a real inconvenience for East Enders. Please be considerate of the people in your community and don’t trash the beauty out East End Road.

Diana Sedor