Dr. Sayer — going the extra mile

In this case, going the extra hundreds of miles is what Dr. Paul Sayer did when he heard my wife Ann had serious health problems. Dr. Sayer flew his plane through terrible weather conditions Aug. 16, having to turn around several times trying to cross Cook Inlet, flying back up to refuel in Anchorage, then only getting to Kenai and driving the rest of the way by car.

Dr. Sayer did not need to do this, but he did, because he genuinely cares about the health and wellbeing of the people who live here. This community is incredibly fortunate to have such a skilled surgeon living and practicing in our area. He is certainly loved and respected by many whom he has helped.

Twice now, he has been there for Ann when we really needed him, and we owe him our deepest respect and admiration. Ann is recovering very well thanks to Dr. Sayer, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Jim Peterson, Chris, Cathy, Harold, RoseAnn, Priscilla, Jane, Ruth and all of the rest of the crew at South Peninsula Hospital.  

Thank you, again, Dr. Sayer.

Richard and Ann Koskovich