Dr. Sayer saved this life

Thanks to all the hospital staff (too numerous to name) for being so kind to me and showing me to the next testing room last week when I was in pain. 

Hospitals are not my favorite destination and doctors are not my favorite people. There are few doctors who will take care of one problem without actually creating another one for the sake of pills.

OK, I am afraid of doctors for many reasons, but the main reason is the lack of help for the cost we endure. Last week, when I thought I was dying, I went to the only doctor I trust, Dr. Sayer. I know he isn’t a practitioner, he’s a surgeon, but when push comes to shove, I want the truth and I know Dr. Sayer will give it to me straight. 

Dr. Sayer and I opened the old hospital operating room together when it was new. I was the first surgery in that new hospital operating room, and Dr. Sayer was called in from Anchorage to do the job. He did not live in Homer at that time, he was Alaska’s general surgeon. His job was to fly to different Alaska villages to handle difficult surgeries like mine.

On May 27, 1977, I was very fortunate to have his healing hands on me, in Homer, to help me get through my trying time. I am here today to tell my story because of Dr. Sayer. Thank you, Dr. Sayer, from the bottom of my heart (which is much better now) to the top of my head (the headaches have subsided also) for talking common sense to me, and taking me through the steps to find the healing pathway back to health. 

You were my hero then and you are my hero today. You understand my language even if others can’t seem to find the frequency. 

After 40 years of being in Alaska, I find it difficult to deal with the Lower 48 mentality, and I can see clearly how money has affected the medical profession right here in Homer. So sad to watch. Thank God you are still alive, sir, and because you are, so am I. 

Maka Fairman