Dr. Sayer supporters want answers

No, Dr. Sayer is not retiring. Recently I had a person relay to me that Dr. Sayer had been taken off the emergency call list. I saw Dr. Sayer that day and he wasn’t sure what was happening.

On Aug. 7 and Aug. 8, a beautiful half page ad appeared in both our local newspapers thanking Dr. Sayer for his years of service. It was paid for by the local union. The ad stated what so many of us feel, but some thought it meant Dr. Sayer was retiring.

Dr. Sayer was not informed ahead of time that this was happening. This decision was made by the operating board of South Peninsula Hospital.

Dr. Sayer has helped and saved many lives of so many Homer area residents over the years in the emergency room and with surgery. He has usually been on a two-week-on-two-week-off schedule. Why would the operating board decide to cancel his on-call schedule for the emergency room?

We want to know why and we have started a petition to give to the operating board, so we can try to understand.

Dr. Sayer has done surgery on both me and my husband and is not only one of our doctors, but he has become a good friend. We and so many others feel the hospital is wrong in this.

If you find yourself or a family member in the emergency room, you have the right to request to see Dr. Sayer.

To sign our petition, they are located at Cece’s Kitchen, Plymire and Shoultz Bookkeeping, Boog’s Automotive and Dr. Sayer’s office. Please stop by and sign so we can get some answers.

Cece Grevemberg