Drain the swamp; drain the muskeg

With the results of the recent election, I hope and pray that draining the swamp will help make America great again. We Alaskans have some very dirty water in our muskeg and we need to let our elected officials know that they will have to work diligently and across party lines to save our state from the financial crisis we are in.

Through pride, procrastination and stubbornness they have long since passed the deadline for forming an easy solution and we are now faced with the harsh realities of more reduced state services, lower permanent fund dividends, a possible state sales or income tax, or a combination of these things. We need a solution put in place This Year to keep the hard-working citizens of our great state from going down the drain with the wash water of the current political rhetoric.

Contact your legislators now and let them know how you feel; time has run out.

Dave Weber