Dreams come true in Homer

Alaska Intuitive Arts is moving to Anchorage. This isn’t a good bye, it is an “I’ll see you later.” Homer is a unique town. I love it here and consider myself lucky to have been able to call it home. I lived, worked and played with some of the most talented people on the Earth here. 

It’s the first place  I’ve ever lived where I’ve been able to achieve my dreams. I opened my own business, ran the storefront, maintained a catalog service, and home all in one spot. A great commute to “work” everyday. A job I’ve been born to do and love more and more all time. 

Some days have definitely been a lot of work. Challenging and rewarding … I’ve learned so much about myself. I let go of my fears of being unsuccessful and found my own self worth in a small community who saw my vision and supported my goals. I am so grateful to you. 

To  all the people of Homer who helped  me achieve something of much more value than I thought possible. I made it here. 

Thank you for inspiring me to be true, creative, and to take risks. 

With love, 

Michael Francis