Enough of ‘Blame Bush’

As I write, there are only a handful of days until this country votes to end the second terrorist attack on our country.
On Tuesday, Oct. 23, the news went public what free thinking people already knew. It wasn’t a surprise, it’s all we’ve heard for four years, but Obama lied about the attack on the embassy in Libya. Two hours after the initial attack, the White House was made aware of the attack, and that Al Qaeda was claiming responsibility.
Obama, always vigilant in his “Blame America First” campaign, and his wanton destruction of America, ignored the facts and blamed some obscure video that nobody ever heard of. Not exactly a surprise. We’ve had nearly four years of revisionist history and “blame Bush” excuses with anything but “Forward” progress.
 Because of this president, we have record unemployment, record national debt, a reduced national credit rating, millions more on welfare, health care that was so wonderful it had to be forced on us in the form of a tax, (with Washington totally exempt), gas prices over double in the past four years, but it’s all part of a carefully conceived plan.
He told us he would do this back in 2008. I quote Obama’s words: “This is the greatest country in history. Please help me change it.”
In the first two years of his presidency, he could have done anything he wanted. Passed any law, made any regulation and it would have been done. But all we hear is the Republicans are in the way.
    We have had four years of “Blame Bush,” and as Biden admitted to, during Obama’s reign, the middle class has been squeezed in these four years.
    It’s all on this president, all his problem. People are not buying the blame game anymore. Hopefully, it’s not too late.
Phil Celtic