Enstar provides gas project update

Enstar Natural Gas has provided the following update on its project to bring natural gas from Anchor Point to Homer and Kachemak City.

Chumley crews are working near the bottom of the Homer hill and will continue onto West Hill Road later this week. The 8-inch diameter trunk line bringing natural gas from Anchor Point will follow West Hill Road for about a quarter mile and then turn east to Fairview Avenue. The Fairview section of the line is scheduled to begin this week, with crews focusing their attention on areas scheduled to be repaved later this summer.

A second pipe-laying crew also is working toward Anchor Point with pipe stringing, welding and testing to begin this week. This crew will lay pipe along the Old Sterling Highway near its intersection with the Sterling Highway.

Boring crews are finishing work along the Sterling Highway on Homer Hill and the Diamond Creek area. Once those sections are complete, they will begin working along the Old Sterling Highway toward Anchor Point.

Clark Management has completed 90 percent of the brush-removal in Kachemak City. Installation of that area’s distribution system’s main and service lines is scheduled to begin in June.

Utility Technologies Inc. employees are completing training and preparation to begin working on the project. Geovera Surveying is marking the right-of-way limits ahead of the UTI crews. UTI will install a 4-inch diameter distribution main line from the foot of West Hill Road, along the Sterling Highway into Homer, toward Lake Street and across Beluga Lake outlet, continuing toward the airport. Additional UTI crews will begin construction of the distribution main lines that tie into the system on both the north and south sides of the Sterling Highway beginning in early May.

Drivers are reminded to be watchful of equipment, survey and construction crews working along the roads, and to observe posted construction speed limits.