I listened to Mitt Romney at his $50,000 a plate fundraiser feast. Im here to tell you, Im aghast at the chutzpah of the 47 percent who dont pay taxes, and on top of that, they want to leech off the government for things like education, food, shelter and health care. For shame. Like Romney said, theyre a bunch of lazy bums who dont want to take care of themselves, and expect the government to do things for them. Working at two to three jobs a day if they even bother to work doesnt count. Romney was clear on this: If youre the elite and can afford to contribute $50,000, you dont need government, and its your hard work thats gotten you into the position of being waited on by respectful servers with white gloves. On the other hand, the 47 percent is so inept they expect the government to do its job and provide services for its people.
Romney had to keep admonishing his guests to eat, eat, eat. Maybe, theyre hungry. So heres what I want you to do. If youre eating dinner (I bet youre not eating off crystal) take the plates of food out from under your undeserving brats noses, and send them immediately to Romneys campaign headquarters. They will forward the food on to those who truly need and deserve handouts: the corporate leaders, shareholders and military contractors who get the tax breaks, bonuses, bailouts and tax havens.
After all, the elite have families and grandchildren, they know you have to speak softly and carry a big stick, and Romney paid his taxes. They need all the help they can get; hungry children are a small price to pay.
Recommended video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBj0joyCeag
Katie Dawson