Family expresses gratitude

Our family would like to thank first the Lord Jesus Christ, secondly the many talented and sincere people of Homer Medical Clinic, Dr. Bell, South Peninsula Hospital, and Dr. Sayer, who worked so diligently and thoroughly on our husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather Ralph Miller, and thirdly for all the members of our community who visited regularly and prayed  fervently. 

Our family wants to express how blessed we feel to have such  amazing facilities here in Homer to care for our community. 

On New Year’s Eve our grandpa was admitted into the hospital after three prior ER visits the week before. Dr. Bell did many in-depth tests and finally found that his lungs were riddled with blood clots and he was bleeding internally. After 11 days of prayer and sleepless nights he was finally allowed to go home on our Grammy’s birthday, Jan. 10.

There were quite a few nights where we were saying goodbye as a family, but the Lord saw fit that his time here on earth was not over. 

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts:
Ralph (Grandpa) and Betty (Grammy)  Miller,
Sandy Miller, Cris and Warren Beachy, Abe and Dana Alborn, Abi and Daniel Rios, Misti and Elvira
Rios-McLay, and 10 great-grandchildren