Farmers Market Officially, it’s over, but there are still plenty of veggies

It’s not over. The Market is not done. Well, it may officially be over, but it’s not done.

The Homer Farmers Market only officially runs through September. That means that the majority of vendors are done selling there and all the entertainment and credit card machine and the Market logo stuff will all be gone.

But nature doesn’t pay attention to calendars. The fact is that there is still produce out there that hasn’t been sold. As it gets later and cooler, things stop growing so much, but they don’t just disappear because the Market ended.

Take Bob Durr’s four greenhouses of zucchinis for example.  They still have plenty of zucchinis.  They may not be growing much right now, but there are plenty of veggies to be picked. He definitely will be at the Market with plenty of veggies to sell for the next few weeks.

Asking around, Dan and Luba will have their potatoes and parsnips, daikons and carrots for a couple more markets. Paul and Jen will probably be down for one more Wednesday and Saturday. Robert Heimbach will definitely be there, possibly with his burn barrel to stay warm for the coming weeks or months.

The dedication of our local producers can only be compared to the dedication of Market supporters. Every week, rain or shine, it’s the members of this community that keep it all going. Homer has an amazing Market because of this.

And for those dedicated supporters there is more good news. For the first time this year there will be a winter market. On Saturdays from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. opening Oct. 24 at the Alaska Wildberry Emporium, there will be music and booths with familiar faces selling crafts and produce.

Though this new market may not be the same as the Homer Farmers Market, it is yet another sign that there is a desire in this community to provide support for our local producers and artisans. And what better way than by reviving a classic old building in the center of town.

So thank you for your support this summer and keep an eye out for all the opportunities that continue this fall and winter.

Kyra Wagner is the coordinator of Sustainable Homer and the Homer Farmers Market’s biggest fan.

Market-goers enjoy free food during the end-of-season party. -photo by Annie Rosenthal

Market-goers enjoy free food during the end-of-season party. -photo by Annie Rosenthal