Farmers Market Signs all around that winter days are just ahead

All this cloudy weather, the earlier sunsets and later sunrises all seem to be saying that summer is winding to a close. When you look at the calendar and realize that there are only three Saturday markets left for the Homer Farmers Market, then you know it’s true.

But the end of summer means more than waning light. It is when the harvest of the season is really coming in. Last Saturday Dave Schroer was there with apples and spaghetti squash for sale to benefit the Homer Foundation. 

And Judith James will be selling apples at the Market on Wednesdays.

I would like to point out that the apples that are for sale here are not a product of high tunnels.  I love to talk about the season extending capability of high tunnels, but these are just trees grown outside.  For years. Homer truly is the banana belt of Alaska.

If you will note all the tomatoes available, on the other hand, that is totally due to high tunnels and greenhouses.

But there have already been freezing temperatures that took out Paul Castelani’s basil (even in his tunnel) and one stormy day the wind tore the covering for the kids’ zone tent (so there won’t be any more organized activities there this month). The fact that the winter is close reminds us of our Market list.

1. Stock up. Even if you don’t see enough cabbage at a booth to make sauerkraut or cucumbers to make pickles or veggies for your root cellar, talk to the farmers and you will often be able to arrange for a bigger delivery. 

2. Get your turkey raffle ticket.  The chance to win the full locally raised turkey dinner with local food trimmings will end when the winner is announced at the Harvest Dinner on Sept. 26, so get one while you can.

3. Get your favorite crafts, art or Market memorabilia that you have not gotten around to getting yet.

Counting Wednesdays, you have five more chances to check off your Market list. So stop in at the Market on Ocean Drive Saturdays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. or Wednesdays from 3-6 p.m. 

Kyra Wagner is the coordinator of Sustainable Homer and one of the Homer Farmers Market’s biggest fans.