Fast rise in gas prices outrageous

Greetings to all. How fortunate we are to be able to live in or visit this spectacular place called Homer. With this being said, I also ask, why are we taken advantage of for being in this awesome place? The price of gas has risen 21 cents over a month. This is outrageous.

Is there a valid reason for this? If so, publish the reason for all of us to see. Otherwise, we can all assume that you raise the price “just because you can,” then shame on  you. It seems that as soon as anything at all is published or mentioned that the price of gas may  go up, then within a day or two, BINGO … up goes the price in Homer.

Tell us why. We want to know the reason. Enough of all this ridiculous division, we need unity of our community — and it should include all businesses. 

Kim Kuklis