Fireweed mural inspires young readers

The beginning readers at Little Fireweed now have something to look up at between exploring books during Partner Reading Time: a new mural on the library wall. 

Over the summer, kindergarten teacher Kim Fine invited three local artists — Nancy Wise, Barb Wyatt and Sarah Robertson — to decorate the wall. The three women got together and planned out the piece students can admire now.

It’s a row of smiling kids standing on books in a sky full of fluffy clouds, with miscellaneous objects floating by: a clock, a whistle, a teapot, little chicks in a wheelbarrow.

“I’m really grateful to (the artists). It’s a sweet part of the community when local artists will spend time in schools making art,” said Fine.

The mural has been a big hit with the kids. Each student seems to have a different favorite feature.

Second grader Jasmine Kupetz likes a girl with purple hair. Her reading partner, Keagan Niebuhr, is a fan of the fairy reaching out to touch a cloud.

“I like the ice cream,” said their classmate, Sinon Smith.

“Yeah, me too, the ice cream,” said his partner, Vincent Black. “I just want to eat it off the wall.”

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