Fish board should meet on peninsula

A Friday night report on KTUU/2 told of the Homer Shorebird Festival. The woman interviewed stated the shorebird festival was worth “$250,000 to local businesses.” 

  The Alaska Board of Fisheries decided for 2014 Lower Cook Inlet and Upper Cook Inlet deliberations would take place in Anchorage. Since these meetings typically last 5- 10 days, the economic loss to local businesses could easily exceed $1 million. 

Gov. Sean Parnell could change this. The meetings happen in January. Sure, the board decided where to deliberate. Gov. Parnell appointed these people. Isn’t he the boss? 

Kenai Peninsula residents deserve to participate in this public process exclusive of the economic hardship associated with travel to Anchorage. The board has not deliberated here since 1999. 2014 is the Cook Inlet regulatory cycle. Deliberations should take place in Homer and Soldotna, the area of concern. E-mail Governor Parnell now. 

A few notes on king salmon: Fish hooked and released in fresh water do not spawn. Fish hooked and released from barbed hooks have a mortality rate 4-5 times higher than those caught on barbless hooks. Worthy of further consideration.