Flex applauds ‘Artist in Schools’

The students and the staff of Homer Flex School would like to give great thanks for allowing us to  participate in the “Artist in the Schools Program.” Flex students worked with Martin Zeller on improvisational theater games. Martty taught the improvisational theater class how to better express themselves and come out of their comfort zones. Students learned different methods of theater and games. It was a treat to watch students perform what they learned in front of friends, family and the Flex staff at two different shows. 

Some students enjoyed coming up with new ideas and using imagination to create different characters. There were many different types of scenes and characters: Hitchhiker, Conjoined Quartet, Freeze Tag, Symphony and Gibberish Poets for example. 

We would like to give thanks to our legislators Paul Seaton and Peter Micciche for funding the Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA), to ASCA for supporting the Artist in the Schools Program(AIS), the Rasmuson Foundation, Alaska USA, Jazzline, the National Endowment for the Arts, and finally to the Bunnell Street Arts Center for their local administration of the AIS program.  

Further, we would like to thank Michael at KBay Caffe for hosting one of our performances there. 

Sincerely and with gratitude, 

Karen Wessel, principal/teacher, for the

Homer Flex students and staff