Flex students challengedby ‘Decolonizing’ exhibit

On behalf of Homer Flex High School, I would like to sincerely thank Bunnell Street Arts Center for their engaging work with our students. Our Social Environments classes had the opportunity to visit the exhibition “Decolonizing Alaska.” The trip was enhanced by a tour from Adele Person. Adele challenged students with insightful questions and interpretations, creating deeper meaning for attendees and providing a wonderful backdrop for the workshop which followed.

We were fortunate enough to host Melissa Shaginoff, an artist in Bunnell’s exhibition “Decolonizing Alaska.” Melissa and curator Asia Freeman came to Flex for two afternoons and worked hands on with our students in converting sentimental objects into sacred art. Participants employed beading, wrapping and other ornamentation techniques. With an emphasis on art made from personal experience, Melissa helped students transform the ideas of memory and narrative into meaningful works. The students were both enthralled and heartened by this experience to the point of nearly missing their buses that Friday afternoon. We are grateful for the time and resources provided by Bunnell Street Arts Center and Melissa Shaginoff, we’re fortunate to have such wonderful resources in our community!

David Lefton

Social Environments teacher

Homer Flex High School