Flex students get into holiday spirit with after-school crafts

On Thursday, Dec. 3, Homer Flex students and teachers had the option to spend their after-school hours crafting. 

The Flex Craft Fair is “about creating a handmade gift for a loved one or yourself,” said Flex teacher Colette Choate.

All the crafts were holiday oriented or ideal gifts. While there were no restrictions as to what students could make, there were materials laid out to make three kinds of items: jewelry, ornaments and paper arts. 

Choate, who was leading the jewelry part, said the most satisfying aspect of making jewelry is “finding the perfect combination of colors of shapes for the piece.”

Many students in attendance planned to make snowflakes to fit in with the holiday season. 

Malia Gegere, a student, decided what she was making before the session began: “I’m going to be making a chain of snowflakes.” 

Another student, Aurianna Richtback, said, “I plan to make a few different snowflakes.”

Both Gegere and Richtback were making their snowflakes out of the provided scrapbooking paper. 

Everyone at the fair enjoyed a different aspect of the crafting, and while they were all there to have fun, they each had a plan for their end products. 

“I make art to impress other people,” said Gegere.

Richtback was more into making crafts for her own personal gift-giving. 

“I think making stuff is the best part about crafts so I can give them to someone,” she said.

Choate said that her favorite part of crafting was that it “allows people to be both creative and festive at the same time.” 

Flex students participated in a second craft fair on Monday, Dec. 7

Ciara Cordes is a student at Homer Flex School.