Food funds go to Safe Kids Fund

On April 27, Homer held its 21st Annual Safe Kids Fair. This year we had a new group of volunteers who deserve a huge thank you. Sara Conyers headed up a group of women who stepped in at the last minute to provide a hot lunch at an incredible price. 

With less than two weeks’ notice, Sara was able to recruit volunteers and organizations that donated all the food. A huge thank you goes out to Homer Farmers Market, Coal Point Trading Co. and Save U More for your generous donations. I would also like to say thank you to Kyra  Wagner, Jennifer Dickson, Susan Houlihan, Dawn Schneider and Marsha Rouggly for working the food booth.

Thanks to the efforts of this group, more than 100 hot lunches of a salmon burger or cod chowder, veggie sticks and water were provided. The food choices were all healthy, and locally grown. The entirety of the proceeds were donated to the Safe Kids Fund which underwrites the $5 bike helmets offered every year at the fair. 

Thanks again for taking time out of your busy lives to do more.