For Big Oil, end justifies means

I was not in attendance at one of the recent debates about Prop 1 (oil taxation) but I saw part of it later. Someone asked the question “why is big oil spending 13 million dollars in a media blitz trying to convince us to vote No on One?” The response: “the oil companies are simply trying  to educate voters.” The audience erupted in laughter. 

So, with regard to Prop 1 (oil tax issue), take your pick:

1. Oil companies are trying to educate you; or

2. Oil companies will spend as much as necessary to preserve a big fat tax cut that will hurt Alaskans far into the future. 

Four or five oil companies with huge donations to the Vote No campaign have outspent hundreds of individual Alaskans by a margin of more than 100 to 1 to preserve their windfall tax cut that was delivered to them in part by some of  their own employees who sit in the legislature.  If they buy the election by “educating Alaskans” their already impressive profits will become even more impressive while Alaskans will be eating cat food. Shame on us if we fall for the ruse. 

As Clem Tillion recently pointed out regarding ACES “It’s sloppy in spots,  but I hardly think giving our resources away is the way to solve the problem.”

Be sure to vote on Aug. 19.

Frank Mullen