For fun-filled time, wallow in mud

For fun-filled time, wallow in mud

On a recent, sunny, Sunday afternoon, Nature Rocks Homer held its seventh annual Mud Games at the Cottonwood Horse Park. It was such a fun-filled afternoon — we already look forward to next summer and the next round of mud wallowing. The Wallow has now been named “Carmen’s Mud Wallow” in memory of the founder of this tradition, and the person who impacted so many kids and adults to go play outside.

The Mud Wallow was started back in 2010 after a discussion between Carmen Field and Lisa Matlock about yet another way to get kids outside. Playing in the mud was brought up as an easy, fun idea. Carmen took the ball, ran with it, and organized the original Mud Games at The Wallow.

Over the years, hundreds of kids and many adults have enjoyed the opportunity to play in the mud. Carmen brought this idea with her to the Children & Nature Network International Conference where she presented it to hundreds of other nature leaders. Mud wallows are now found in many other states around the country, thanks to that seed which Carmen planted.

We would like to thank the Kachemak Bay Equestrian Association (Cottonwood Horse Park) and Robert Archibald and Roberta Highland for all their support. A huge thank you goes to Tommy Patton for turning over the dirt so we could make the mud.

Also, thanks to Conrad and Eryn Field for their help in showing us how to set up the Wallow, and also being there to help with the pulling of nettles and weed whacking, as well as being there as the mud was made to dig “just the right sized holes.” Thanks also to Jim Levine and Kevin Wilmeth for help with weed whacking, nettle pulling, moving hoses and watering the area.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the mud again next summer!

With gratitude,

The Three Mudsketeers: Cathy Wilmeth,

Red Asselin, and Sue Post