Freedom Show is coming

It’s time for the Freedom Show because the corporate takeover of these united states has finally overreached to the level of angering America’s European allies: The National Security Agency monitors German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone. 

It’s time for the Freedom Show because the deliberately sinful, ethics-free corporate takeover of America, like any operation without principles, is subject to dissolution by the free will choice of its participants, as they wake up to the charm of honest life.  

It’s time for the Freedom Show because a refreshing spirit is astir around Kachemak Bay and Homer. Kachemak Bay’s Freedom Show will be a pioneering Freedom Show: videotaped, Alaskan-sponsored, locally produced. Other watersheds may produce Freedom Shows adapted to their local issues.   

A Freedom Show at a minimum includes music and the spoken word. A Freedom Show grows organically from the issues and personalities of a watershed.  A Freedom Show can include music, dance, visual arts, artisanry, food, athletics and free speech. A Freedom Show pokes fun at oppression. Oppressors always try to constrict free will choice. But oppression, with its lies and secrecy, always yields to truth, light and humor. 

It’s time for the Freedom Show because free will choice is the law of our universe. Our Creator has ordained free will. No power or personality has power or authority to curtail or abridge free will. Free will eventuates in liberty only after humans learn loyalty, love and brotherhood, and only under a reign of law. Those who would seize American government and act outside the law, under color of law, would subject America to barbarism and world condemnation.

It’s time for the Freedom Show because oil platforms recently sprouted in Cook Inlet in proximity to Kachemak Bay’s critical habitat, a watershed that sustains thousands of human lives and countless wild lives. Oil companies are blatantly buying off certain Alaskan native corporations, having already taken over Alaska’s governor’s office. These oil companies appear hell-bent on re-districting themselves into control of the Alaska legislature.

It’s time for the Freedom Show because Alaskan judges and police are in a tough spot. Like the vast majority of our public servants, judges and police want to be fair, to uphold common law and the Constitution.  But our police are pressured to militarize and our judges are surrounded by prosecutors who ignore the common law and the Constitution.  

It’s time for the Freedom Show because our Common Law and Constitution are being abrogated and ignored as “quaint.” Corrupt, totalitarian rules have overtaken America’s justice system, bad law is proclaimed, and innocent men and women are imprisoned. Only the rich can buy justice; ordinary working people suffer injustice in an increasingly unconstitutional court and prison system.  

It’s time for the Freedom Show because corporate-federal laws and regulations now define “terrorists” to include constitutionalists, states’ rights advocates, libertarians, freedom fighters, whistle-blowers, permaculturists, homesteaders, chicken-raisers, the entire cannabis nation, home schoolers, home canners, and anyone who speaks against the deathly genetically modified so-called food Monsanto is shoveling into America’s aching bellies.  

Let’s look at the words terror and fear. Blunt truths may cause sleepless nights to government officials with something to hide. I may speak bluntly about something you prefer to hide, but your fear of my free speech does not give you license to label me a terrorist.  

We who would produce Freedom Shows are peaceable people. Some of us are citizen lawyers. We read law, we know the law, and, like Angela Merkel, we will expose to scrutiny you who operate outside the law. We will extend mercy to you, so long as you return to the bounds of the Constitution.  Remember: the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  

It’s time for Freedom Shows to remind Americans of the values and principles of free people. It’s time to tell stories: how freedoms are lost, how freedom is regained, how freedom sounds, how freedom feels.  

What is the Freedom Show? From Homer, featuring stellar Alaskan personalities, a show is coming together. If you have production experience, a song, an act, a free speech, a story illustrating values and principles, a visual display, an artisan product that reflects the way Alaskans genuinely live, contact

Lindianne Sarno teaches, writes, performs and homesteads in Homer.