Friends help ease nightmare of loss

Every cancer is different, and the one that took Chris Lopez was a monster. It hit hard and showed no mercy. 

Every day, friends and family surrounded us with love. Early on, a core group of friends rallied to create a donation account and an auction/benefit for Chris, who was travelling all over the country talking with doctors about his cancer. Janice Higbee, Bob Swenson and Vickie Grant took the lead, and many others helped make calls, solicit donations and spread the word. 

We received a torrent of financial donations, words of support and offers of help. Two months ago, Chris wrote on Caringbridge: “I do not possess the words to amply express my gratitude. I am incredibly fortunate to have been the recipient of such love and kindness. From the deepest depth of my soul I thank you each and everyone.”

On May 24, Chris died. The community was shocked by how suddenly he was taken. Simon and I are still functioning in a fog of disbelief most of the time, but we want you to know, dear friends and family, that the only mercy in this nightmare has been, and is, the mercy provided by you. The torrent of love we received continued after Chris’s death, and streams around us today and every day. It keeps us going. Please know that we received what you gave with hearts overwhelmed with love and gratitude.