Fun for all at Bingo for Books event

The annual Paul Banks Elementary School Bingo for Books was a fun evening for the 250-plus students, parents and staff who attended the event. It was the best-attended Bingo for Books in many years. 

The majority of students left with at least four brand-new books. Bingo for Books’ focus is putting books in the hands of children and Paul Banks gave out more than 450 books at the event on Thursday, Jan. 28. 

Bingo for Books is just one part of Paul Banks’ annual Read-A-Thon events, for which the theme this year is “The Wild West.” 

Money raised in the Read-A-Thon is used for many things, including purchasing the books given away at Bingo for Books, transportation for field trips, special events and supplies for the school. 

The Parent Teacher Association is also a large donator to the event and Paul Banks Elementary school in general. 

The next Paul Banks Peanut community events will be the Winter Carnival on Feb. 13 from 1-4 p.m., and the First Friday Art Extravaganza on Friday, April 1 from 5-7 p.m.