Fund helps young musicians soar

West Homer Elementary thanks the Homer Foundation/The Horn Section: A Music Education Fund in Memory of Renda Horn from the bottom of our hearts. We have started the year off with such excitement and enthusiasm with the use of our new bass bar instruments. It has allowed us to complete the low register of our xylophones that have already been in use for many years.  

I have seen my students soar in their learning of the barred instruments. We have already learned two pieces which have included our new instruments and are looking forward to many years of use with them at West Homer Elementary as well as Paul Banks Elementary School.  We also will be featuring the new bass bars in our upcoming Christmas Concert as well.

Without the support of organizations and grants like this one from The Horn Section: A Music Education Fund in Memory of Renda Horn, the purchase of these instruments would not be possible. I have a very limited budget each year which is barely enough to cover the cost of sheet music. As one of these instruments costs several hundred dollars, I have not had the available funds to expand our inventory until now.

Thank you so much for all you do in this community. The generosity that you have shown this program will continue on to future West Homer and Paul Banks Elementary students for years to come.

Tina Moore and Lisa Whip 

Paul Banks/West Homer 

Elementary Music