Fund will provide small miracles

On behalf of the students and future students of Kachemak Bay Campus, we are writing to thank everyone who has contributed to the Mary Epperson Campus Support and Scholarship Fund. Every gift makes a difference as we work to build this fund into a permanent endowment that will help meet students’ needs and enhance their educational experiences. 

The Kachemak Bay Campus Community Advisory Board established this fund to honor Mary’s decades-long commitment to the campus here in Homer. The purpose of this fund is to provide small miracles when there is need. The miracle may be a scholarship that helps bridge the gap between the cost of tuition and the bare-bones budget of a student working his or her way through school. The miracle might help cover the cost of transporting students across the bay to experience Grewingk Glacier Lake or the marine ecosystem of Jakolof Bay. The miracle might be a piece of state-of-the-art instructional equipment that enhances student learning.

In honoring Mary Epperson, we celebrate the not-so-small miracle of the Kachemak Bay Campus itself, a major local community and educational center. Because of tiny Mary’s giant-size support and enthusiasm, top-notch college education is within reach, financially and geographically, of people of all ages. KBC also provides abundant opportunities for job skills training, professional development, and lifelong learning in the arts, sciences, and technology.

The fundraising campaign to endow the Mary Epperson Fund is an ongoing community effort. We are grateful to all who have contributed, and we hope that many others will join in to help build the fund. Contributions may be sent to the Mary Epperson Campus Support and Scholarship Fund, Kachemak Bay Campus, 533 E. Pioneer Ave, Homer, Alaska, 99603.

Every gift, no matter the size, is significant, and each one will be appreciated by Mary, who is encouraging us as we push forward. 

John Fenske, chair

Kachemak Bay Campus Community Advisory Board

Carol Swartz, director 

Kachemak Bay Campus