Gardeners’ event a happy memory

Thanks for this year’s success must go to those who gave so freely of their time to ensure that all of our visiting gardeners had a memorable experience.  

  Homer Garden Club members serve in several capacities: garden hosts-hostesses, paper folders, photo copiers, brochure and poster designers, sign-placement engineers, cooks, bakers and servers, publicists. Thank you, club members, for stepping up. 

Thank you garden owners: Brenda and Bill Adams, Philemon Morris (and his gardeners, Kayley and Chase), Rachel Lord and Ben  Gibson, Rita Jo and Leroy Shoultz, Joan Splinter and Don Felton. Thank you for welcoming 300 visitors into your spectacular gardens. Needless to say, your participation is essential; no gardens, no Gardeners’ Weekend. 

Recognition also must go to the staff of the Homer Bookstore. To Sue and her crew, a special thanks for your extraordinary efforts on our behalf. Over the years we have all experienced our local book store’s dedication to community, whether we’ve been there as ticket purchasers, event planners or book buyers. Our town is incredibly fortunate to have them. 

Bill and Dorothy Fry live lives of community and commitment. For seven years they have provided us not with just a gorgeous venue for our after-tour celebration, but guidance through the process of putting our celebration together, all with professionalism and good humor. Your staff, Bill and Dorothy, at the Bear Creek Winery has always been extraordinarily helpful and welcoming. This year was no exception. 

Thanks to all of you from all of us in the Homer Garden Club.

If you’re about to buy your 2015 calendar, circle Aug. 1 and 2.

Roni Overway