Gathering for dinner, fellowship

About 200 people gathered Friday night at the Greatland Worship Center in Anchor Point for the fourth wild-game, potluck-style dinner. Guest speaker for the event was Randy McPherson, at left, brother of Matt McPherson, founder of Mathews Bows. McPherson, who talked about Alaska’s beauty and how some of his most spiritual times had been in the outdoors, has already agreed to speak at next year’s dinner. Two bows that McPherson brought with him were given away at the event, as were dozens of other prizes, including a halibut rod, a halibut charter, knives and other outdoor gear. Greg Newell was the big prize winner of the night, winning a state of the art compound bow from Mathews Bows. Newell’s caribou casserole also was voted the best dish of the evening. Proceeds from the event will help the Anchor Point Food Pantry, which is located at the church behind Chapman School. The pantry is open from 5-7 p.m. every Monday and helps an average of 25-30 people each week.