Get-out-the-vote drive extreme

We do not know how many in our state received a letter from the Alaska State Voter Program. But we feel that a public response is needed and thus a letter to you.

Recently, we received a letter from the Alaska State Voter Program. The letter was paid for by Opportunity Alliance PAC. Other than that information, there were no names as to who comprises the Alaska State Voter Program. However, they had no hesitation in publishing our name and the names of other voters and whether they voted in elections from 2008 to 2012.

Do we now live in communist Russia where we tattle on our neighbors, even if it is nothing illegal they are doing?

While there may be nothing illegal about the Voter Program letter, it certainly borders on coercion. If it weren’t for the fact that we consider voting to be a privilege as well as a civic duty, we would have been tempted not to vote in Tuesday’s eleciton.

By the way, we did vote in 2008. We voted in our then state of residency. Just because we owned land in Alaska in 2008 did not mean that we were full-time Alaska residents as we are now. And I might add, as shown, we have voted here since becoming residents.

The attempt to “get out the vote” is at the very least in extremely poor taste, and we hope it will not be repeated in the coming years.