Good men should stand up

Where are all the good men? You know the ones who care more about the number of children who starve to death today as opposed to the “closing numbers” on Wall Street. Where are the good men who care more about the screams of a woman or a child being beaten and raped than the screams of 80,000 fans at a football game? Where are the good men who realized that the obscene amount of money they make does not legitimize their “right” to buy another human being in order to satisfy some sickness in their souls? The sex trade of both adults and children continues to thrive around the world. Why is murder the number one cause of death for pregnant women in this country? Truly, this indicates a serious sickness in our society, one of the many.

Although progress has been made by women around the world, we still have a very long road to travel. Where are the good men who will travel with us? You need to raise your voices above the roar of increasingly worthless laws that make it easy for these voracious cockroaches to continue to hunt. You need to raise your voices before yourdaughter is taken only to be found raped, murdered and thrown away like garbage. You need to be heard before your elderly mother is murdered because a drug addict thought she had some money, some drugs or both. Oh, as an afterthought, he raped her too.

Your mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and even your sons are prey for this scum. How long can you remain silent because it wasn’t your child that was the victim this time?

A number of years ago, a poll was at universities, taken of male undergraduates at several Ivy League universities- the “cream of the crop”. The results were disturbing, to say the least. The question put to them: If you were 100% sure you could get away with it, would you rape a woman? 87% of them responded “yes.”

I pray for people everywhere: including the sick minds that prompt this letter. I pray for patience and understanding. I pray that I will not give in to the irrational urges that disturb my rational mind. I pray that all the good men will stand up, shout “Enough!” and mean it. Where are you?

Fran Zwonitzer