Government shutdown not so bad

I, for one, am in support of the government shutdown and against raising the debt ceiling. In truth 83 percent of the government is still functioning (including parts that I would like to see shut — like NSA and TSA). We have become dependent on the government teat so that we cannot withdraw from the addiction. We think without a government handout and jobs we can’t function. 

We have a debt that it is mathematically impossible for us to ever even pay the interest on. We’ve created jobs from borrowed money. So do we borrow more and more money to speed the money printing press to make our dollar worth less (inflation)? A growing bubble has to pop again eventually. Should we prolong our illusion of prosperity or face and fix our dilemma? We’ve created jobs on borrowed money, how do we terminate them without pain? The Dems and GOP are two wings of the same bird, a bird that has gone from a proud and independent species to scavenger carrion.

Obama-care, despite the appearance of being humanitarian and our saving grace, massively further opens doors to government intrusion, invasion of privacy and dependance (with IRS and big insurance companies to make matters worse). There’ll be increasing health care needs due to rising cancer, diabetes, autism rates, but there must be another way. I don’t have all the answers. It’s a military tactic to assure opposition that “you are not being attacked” as you are attacked.

Rev. Richard Olson