Grants program helps nonprofit

With the volatility of the state budget, the last several weeks for nonprofits has been rough. We are experiencing first hand a concept of  entering into an “Age of Uncertainty.” With so many of us dependent on state dollars, the city of Homer Grants Program administered by the Homer  Foundation is a breath of fresh air.  

Sprout was awarded a grant for $3,000 this year to use to support our operations. This grant was truly a gift and we are so thankful. We were able to focus on a new program that we are offering called “Three Plus,” a pediatric therapy program.  

Starting a new project is time consuming and financially demanding so the support of the  city of Homer grant was incredible.  We now have an up and running program,  offering pediatric speech language pathology and occupational therapy to  children 3-5 years old in the comfort of their homes, schools or community.

The added benefit of this service is that it also has created a source of unrestricted income for Sprout so that we can maintain our programming if state dollars are cut or eliminated.  

Many thanks city of Homer and Homer Foundation for helping move Sprout toward sustainability.

Jillian Lush, executive director

Sprout Family Services