Grow hempseed, Alaska

A civilization stands or falls on its oils. Every cell in your body has a protective wall of two layers of interlocked oil molecules. This cell wall determines the health of the cell, by admitting or repelling molecules.  

For healthy cells, animals require fats and oils in their diet.  Humans require fats, oil and cholesterol for healthy life and clear thinking. The human brain is 25 percent cholesterol.

Every civilization has a significant source of dietary oil.  Neanderthals ate meat fat and pine nuts. American small farmers during America’s agricultural centuries grew cannabis, flax, sunflowers and nut trees, and ate egg yolks and butterfat. Americans today eat GMO chicken fat, GMO butter, GMO bacon, and, increasingly, GMO canola oil. Alaskans love salmon fat and muktuk. But king salmon, an outstanding fish oil source, is being mismanaged out of existence.

Alaskan people need healthy oil. An oilseed crop well suited to grow in the Alaskan interior is hemp. Alaskan farmers and growers should obtain hempseed in bulk from Canada, legislators should clear the way for young farmers to acquire land for hempseed under a homesteading program, state and private investors should invest in bulk oil presses and bottles, and start production in 2015 of this crucial food.

How crucial fats are may be seen in how terribly bodies break down without high quality dietary fat. GMO fat turns cell walls to mush. Look around and you see people aching, hobbling, bent over, injured and befuddled on an unprecedented scale. Grow hempseed, Alaska. 

Lindianne Sarno