Ham radio classes offered

There will be Amateur Radio Training Classes from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Homer Public Library, celebrating 100 years of ham radio.

We extend an open invitation for everyone interested in learning about amateur radio and obtaining their “Ham Ticket” license. Although classes have begun it is a self-study program. It is not too late to join and participate. I would enjoy meeting you and our classes are stress free and fun. 

You are no longer required to know Morse Code to obtain your license. This is the most accommodating hobby especially for folks with disabilities, young people,
students, women and families. This is a great way to meet people in our community and expand contacts around the world. 

Current ham operators also are invited so come, hang out with us and learn more about the upcoming club — SPARC, South Peninsula Amateur Radio Club. Learn about all aspects of communications including emergency operations with an update on the recent Alaska Shield 2014 Exercise. 

See you Saturday, 

Patrick Brown KL3DB 

Shanley Kerls KL5AJK