Hansen: It’s been an honor to serve Homer

As I come to the end of my three year term as a Homer City Council member, I have realized that I am just not ready to go yet. Going into this for the first time three years ago I had so many thoughts and ideas of how I could contribute to Homer, give back to the community that has helped sculpt me to who I am now.

This is my home, my parents’ home, my children’s home, and it is so important to me that I do my part in helping make this community one that others can call home and thrive. It has been an honor to serve with my fellow councilmembers and I have learned so much about how we run as a city. It takes patience and teamwork to navigate through all the topics and issues that arise to make our home livable, sustainable and thrive.

The last few years we have worked together to navigate through the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic and the normal day to day runnings of the city on top of that. It has been quite the time and I am impressed on how everyone has come together despite our different back grounds and stances. We have made progress on moving forward with the HERC project, improving our walkability and making Homer more accessible to all whether they are walking, biking or driving. It’s so important that as we make changes to make Homer more accessible that we take into consideration our youth/elderly and disabled. I want to continue to work towards the goal of Homer being sustainable. I want my/our kids to be able to stay here as adults if they want and have the opportunity to thrive and raise their families here.

There are so many complex issues that we need to tackle and I would very much like to serve another term as a city councilmember. I may not be as educated as some of the other candidates or had as much business experience, but I bring to the table my life experience. I have deep roots in Homer. I am just me, a dedicated worker at South Peninsula Hospital of almost 22 years. A mom of six kids, three of whom I was blessed with 7 years ago. A daughter of an amazing strong woman who is now in her elder years and these things alone make me want to continue to serving as a council member. I bring my skill of patience and listening to others speak and keeping an open mind to others opinions so we as a whole council can vote on decisions that are best for the future oh Homer, our Home.