Happy Valley water station to be ready by end of year

The new station will provide 20,000 gallons of water for fire suppression

The community of Happy Valley by the end of the year will have a new water fill station for Western Emergency Services to refill fire engines and water tenders in the case of a fire in the area between Anchor Point and Ninilchik.

The fill station, located at Resch Avenue and Sterling Highway, will provide an additional 20,000 gallons of water for fire suppression and drastically cut down resupply time for first responders who currently have to return to Anchor Point or Ninilchik to refill the tankers during fire fights.

Firefighters will still respond from the Western Emergency Services stations in Anchor Point and Ninilchik but will not have to return to the towns to refill.

“This will significantly reduce the time needed to resupply apparatus in the event of a fire as that area is 100% dependent on a Tender shuttle operation for supplying water to the Engines,” Western Emergency Services Deputy Fire Chief Robert Mathis said in an email to Homer News.

Western Emergency Services shared the news on their Facebook page last month and received support and thanks from community members.

“Some peace of mind close by!” wrote Katherine Covey in the comments.

Julie Engebretsen, Homer Deputy City Planner, commented “Really glad to see this!”

According to Mathis, the initial funding for the water station was provided by a State of Alaska Legislative Grant, and the remainder of the project was funded by the Western Emergency Services Capital Fund. Western Emergency Services will also be responsible for all maintenance and upkeep requirements.

For future updates, visit the Western Emergency Services Facebook page.

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