Hearing again continued for Resetarits brothers

With the 1-year anniversary coming up next month for the Sept. 8, 2012, teen drinking party incident in which two Homer brothers were arrested for sexual assault, Homer Judge Margaret Murphy last Friday expressed some impatience with the progress of the case. 

Since being released on bail in October 2012 following their arrest, preliminary hearings have been continued almost monthly for Joseph Resetarits, 18, and Anthony Resetarits, 21.

Murphy once again continued the hearing to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 3, but she admonished prosecution and defense attorneys that she wants to see some movement in the legal process. “At some point we need to move forward one way or another in these cases,” she said.

The brothers were charged with one count each of second-degree sexual assault stemming from an incident at an East End Road drinking party attended by many Homer High School and other students, including football players. Both men have been released on bail under court-ordered supervision of their parents. Their lawyers on Friday said they would file a motion for a bail review hearing since their plans will be changing this fall.

Speaking for the victim, a teenage boy, and his family, Shaun Sehl, a victim’s advocate attorney for the Office of Victims Rights, opposed the bail hearing, noting the 1-year anniversary and that the victim’s life also has been disrupted. The mother of the boy attended Friday’s hearing but did not speak in court.

Lisa Rosano, an associate with Philip Weidner’s office, the attorney representing Anthony Resetarits, said her client is negotiating a plea agreement made by the state.

Assistant district attorney Kelly Lawson said the state wants to move ahead. “Everyone is in agreement that we want to resolve these cases as soon as possible. We want to see resolution,” she said.

Murphy said at the next preliminary hearing she may need more information on the progress being made if the parties have not reached an agreement.

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