Heifer Foundation fundraiser at HMS

When you think of giving to people around the world, what do you think of? The Homer Middle School student body has been given a new idea, a project that, when introduced to them, became not only a grade, but also a way to help other people.
The Heifer Foundation is an organization that enables you to give animals or seeds to people who are often in deep poverty. They give the people these animals that then not only help provide for one family, but eventually the entire village. Artists throughout history have influenced culture greatly and brought issues to the foreground that need to be changed. The HMS artists focused on the issue of poverty. This project will change people’s lives, and help in the fight to end hunger.
Ms. Ingrid McKinstry introduced the idea to her class of making beads to help donate money to the Heifer Foundation. The classroom quickly became a scattered chaos of magazines and glue. By the time the students were done they had created beautiful pieces of paper bead jewelry. The jewelry varied in many aspects such as color, type of jewelry and the size of the beads. No two pieces were alike; they were all very different pieces of jewelry appealing to a wide variety of people.
The jewelry was sold at the 2012 Nutcracker Fair. It was sold at Ms. McKinstry’s booth where she also sold her own art. All the money that was earned will go to the Heifer Foundation. Students made a total of $82 selling the jewelry. McKinstry earlier stated she would double the money earned, racking up a grand total of $164. The possibilities of what you could buy a family at this point are endless.
Ciara Cordes-Walker is an eighth-grade student at Homer Middle School.