Help us celebrate 50 years by getting involved with Homer

We hate to write it, but you really can’t believe everything you read. Take the first edition of the resurrected Homer News on Jan. 7, 1964. The front page puts the year as 1963, but subsequent pages, where the date is handwritten, have the correct date.

That means 2014 is our 50th anniversary. Those of us at the News see the upcoming year as a milestone that presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past, while we continue to record the present and anticipate the future. 

We thought it appropriate to mark our 50 years by tweaking our look a little. Our former lead graphic designer Jody Mastey laid the foundation for the changes a few years ago. Deb Purington and Kari Odden have added to her good work. Even after 50 years, we figure any newspaper worth the paper it’s printed on continues to be a work in progress, so look for other changes as we move through 2014. And, please, let us know what you think.

One thing that won’t change: We’ll continue to report the news of Homer and the surrounding Kachemak Bay region to the best of our ability. The editorial that ran in the Jan. 7, 1964, Homer News remains true today: 


“We believe it is our duty to be of service to you — THE READER — by gathering the facts on current local news and presenting these (facts) as they are — not as we view them.

“Our views will 1st be based upon fact, and 2nd appear only upon this page.”


In 2014, it’s still our goal to serve our readers by reporting on the news of the day and fostering an open discussion on our opinion pages. We hope you’ll be a part of those conversations; it’s our opinion vigorous discussions of important issues lead to a healthier, more vibrant community. 

Today it’s not unusual for those of us in the newspaper business to be asked questions like: What’s the future of newspapers? Will the Internet and social media make newspapers like the Homer News obsolete?

Nobody’s crystal ball is infallible, but here’s what ours says: A strong, free press remains vital to the health of a government of, by and for the people— whether you’re talking about the U.S. Congress, the Alaska Legislature, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly or Homer City Council. 

Call us biased, but we believe newspapers like the Homer News not only provide the best information for people to make good decisions about the community in which they live, but they also connect people within a community like no other medium. If you want to know what’s going on in Homer and other parts of the southern Kenai Peninsula — and be a part of it — read the Homer News (in print and at and then get involved in the life of this community.

We also invite you to celebrate with us at the January Homer Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event. It will be from 5-7 p.m. Jan. 16 at VBS Specialty Stoves, located at the corner of Bartlett Street and Pioneer Avenue. 

And many, many thanks. It’s because of faithful readers and advertisers like you, we’re able to celebrate 50 years and look forward to the next 50.

Happy Anniversary to us!