Here’s a solution to pot, public safety building quandries

As I age, I am attempting to mellow my outlook on the  apparent idiocies of our political processes. I was born in the era when the things that the majority of voters approved at the ballot box were sacred whether our public officials agreed with them or not. These days those principles are obviously out of favor, but I haven’t quite given up yet. 

Here is my quandary. I support the replacement of the fire and police stations, but I don’t think we can afford the expensive proposals that have been put forth so far. I also support reasonably controlled cultivation and sale of marijuana like we currently do for alcohol, and I think that the current proposals to subvert the wishes of the majority of the electorate are ill advised and short sighted. 

My proposed solution is to ban all production and sale of marijuana products within the city limits EXCEPT in the new, bigger and improved Municipal Public Safety Building that includes not only facilities for the fire and police, but also a grow room, and retail facilities for the evil weed. The profits from this enterprise would fund the bond payments to reduce the debt from the build of the new facility. 

In addition, the city fathers would control the stuff where they see themselves as morally superior to the electorate. We as citizens could continue to waste our precious financial resources on mind-altering substances without having to travel to the Emerald City or deal with shady characters in a local parking lot. 


Bernie Gareau