Here’s idea for helping those in need

Here is an idea toward a more equitable, sustainable economy locally, now, using the system in place.

We are an extraction state. The money is big, the risk is small. It generates a lot of income. That income is sitting largely in bank accounts. What if there was an idea that would distribute that wealth out into the local community by strengthening value added product manufacturing locally? This idea will promote a solid sustainable, economic model such as that of Denmark, the happiest country in the world. 

I will use yurts to describe this, as that is my calling and passion. This idea could be transferred to just about any local product.

In the case of yurts, there are many homeless and disaster victims and service agencies needing safe, warm shelter. There are also many nonprofits that manage services for needy people and causes. There are many wealthy people here locally who make huge amounts of money from the extraction industries and government, and basically sock it away in banks or investment firms, feeding big finance. What if that wealthy person were to take $10,000 out of the bank and purchase a yurt for donation to a homeless shelter, a fire station or a service nonprofit?

That wealthy person could then write 100 percent of that purchase off on their taxes and have that money 100 percent back in the bank by next year. As a direct action, it is a solution targeted to the need for shelter. 

Here is what would then happen: The yurt makers would fire up the 10-12 currently laid-off crafts people, and resume the capital projects involved in maintenance and development of the rented shop space. The local individuals and businesses that have invested in the current manufacturing structure of that small business would be compensated quicker from added revenues. The yurt purchase would cause all the yurt makers to have more secure income to use locally now. The local economy would be stimulated immediately.  

The nonprofit receiving the donation would be strengthened by the cash flow and community support which would help when applying for continued funding. The recipient of the donated shelter would gain a basic need that could make the difference in productivity for an individual or a family.

While we are at it: Can the wealthy purchase excess food from our local farmers now and donate it all to the food bank and then write this donation off in full? Yes.

Can we locally feed the hungry and shelter the homeless and support the local farmers in the winter? Yes.

Can we do this at no risk to the wealth holder? Yes.

The tax laws are in place. Interest profits lost in those few months can be written in as fees on the invoice for processing the donation. No risk.

The season of giving … the season of celebration of abundance … the living of our faith. Let’s do this thing. You know who you are. Call your accountant. We all need each other and we can all bless each other. We just need a little less fear and a little more love. 

’Tis the season. Merry Christmas/holidays/solstice.

Poised and ready. See events calendar for more details.

Jessica Tenhoff, co-owner 

Nomad Shelter, Alaskan Yurts and 

Alaskan Yurt Rentals