Here’s what road respect looks like

I travel by bike often. As I live on Tamara Street, my route frequently includes East End Road. This summer and fall there has been a lot of additional construction traffic generated by the rehabilitation project from Kachemak Drive to Waterman Road.  

Much of the extra traffic is large, wide side-dump trucks. I have been passed hundreds of times by these big, heavy vehicles in recent months. Guess what? Every single one of them drove by courteously and safely.

One of the contributing factors was that they pass me while doing the speed limit or thereabouts. Not one of them felt the need to blare their horn. My rear view mirror allowed me to notice that some even eased out to give me a little extra room.

I want to thank these drivers for their consideration and professionalism. If the drivers of these cumbersome vehicles with their huge momentum can share the road in a way that feels respectful and safe, I think any vehicle operator is able to do likewise. 

Meanwhile, with our rapidly shortening days it’s time for all vehicle operators, motorized and non-motorized, to make sure their lights are working and that they turn them on.

Travel safely, fellow road users

Catriona Reynolds