Holidays right around the corner

Dear Beloved Businesses and Citizens of Homer,

We hope your summer season has been successful and you have been able to enjoy the bounty that comes with being a member of this wonderful community. We ask that you remember as this season winds down to include Share the Spirit in your charitable giving plans for the upcoming holiday season (yes it’s just around the corner). Give now so that task is out of the way or just put a little bit aside to donate later — either way you’ll be able to help those less fortunate members of our community.

Dear Neighbor in Need,

Our community hopes you have been successful this spring and summer and that you have been able to put aside a bit of money to take care of your households’ needs for the holiday season. If that has not yet been possible, please plan now to save a bit or budget to keep a bit of your PFD in reserves for the holidays.

In a perfect world no one will be in need. Share the Spirit wishes you all the best. We will reach out to the community in the fall, until then.

Remember to Share the Spirit,

Kelly Glidden and Shari Daugherty, co-chairs

Basket Program

Jayne Locklar and Jonathan Adams

Share the Spirit