Homer Animal Friends say thanks

Homer Animal Friends board members and volunteers would like to thank the Homer Foundation for facilitating our recent grant from the Constance M. Benston Fund and the Spay and Neuter Fund.

These two funds allowed Homer Animal Friends and the Homer Veterinary Clinic to hold low cost spay/neuter clinics, helping a number of animals get these procedures. 

In August,  a low-cost cat clinic was held with funds allocated from the Constance M. Benston Fund. This successful clinic spayed 10 females and neutered six males. Monies from the Spay and Neuter Fund  allowed a dog neuter clinic to be held in October and 14 dogs/owners took advantage of this clinic.

The generous support of these funds and the tireless work of Joy Steward and the Homer Foundation help Homer Animal Friends promote their mission of spay/neuter for the community of Homer.

To learn more about Homer Animal Friends visit our website at www.homeranimals.com or see us on Facebook.

Pat Boone

Homer Animal Friends volunteer