Homer Flex Phoenix award winner announced

This month’s Homer Flex Phoenix award has gone to sophomore Clavdia Kulikov, according to school counselor Ingrid Harrald.

This award is given out each month to a student at Homer Flex who represents the school’s values of respect, ownership and productivity.

“Clavdia was nominated for this award for her enthusiasm and engagement,” Harrald wrote. “Clavdia is a spirited and energetic member of the Flex Family. Her participation in discussion and interactions with students help to engage others.”

“She is a strong advocate for herself and others and is always willing to assist when she sees a classmate struggling,” Harrald continued. “She is a natural leader who participates in many school extracurricular clubs and organizations, including yearbook, Concert Choir, and Sources of Strength. Her sense of humor, enthusiasm, energy and wit make her a valuable and enjoyable member of the community.”