Homer Flex Phoenix award winner: Elvis Wool

Junior Elvis Wool has been awarded the Flex Phoenix Award for February.

This award is given monthly to the student who represents the Homer Flex values of respect, ownership, and productivity.

“Wool has become an important part of the community since he arrived at Flex, engaging in many of our activities, setting a great attendance example for his peers, and making new friends,” wrote School Counselor Ingrid Harrald in an email. “He makes the choice to be an active and engaged member of his classes, asking questions for clarification, working with his partners, and accepting feedback on his schoolwork.”

“He frequently provides thoughtful contributions during class and makes relevant connections between academics and his experiences,” she continued. “Elvis has a unique sense of humor that makes both staff and students laugh. He is a good and dependable friend and classmate, and is thoughtful and communicates honestly. Elvis has become an essential member of the Flex community, and we enjoy seeing him every day.”